Machani Group

With a legacy spanning 70 years and over 2000 employees, Machani Group is one of the oldest and widely respected manufacturing businesses in India. 


We manufacture over 4000 varieties of springs, stamping, and wire catering to the automotive, textile, electrical and white goods industries. 


At Machani Group, we strive to find the juncture where engineering, design, and business meet. It is our continued endeavor to find resonance between aesthetic and ergonomic, and, the wisdom handed down to us by our forefathers and the technology of the future.

Quality and precision are the pillars of all our businesses.

With a vast portfolio of businesses ranging from manufacturing to philanthropy, Machani Group is a landmark business in Southern India. Be it hospitality, augmented reality, and interior design, or design, precision engineering, and education, we at Machani Group find strength in diversity. The illustrious range of businesses under the Machani Group umbrella range from manufacturing to hospitality and tech startups.