Machani Group is the incubator space to three startups in the tech and design. Mayaxis, IcecreamLabs
& C(  )RE EXPERIENCE are the youngest ventures within the group portfolio. 



A real-time interactive virtual reality platform to visualize any space: public or private, industrial/commercial or residential, multi story or independent villas, exteriors or interiors. Compelling 3D content that transports the viewer to an immersive environment indistinguishable from the real world. It is a game changing visualization tool for architects, designers, developers, historians, infrastructure planners, manufacturers, marketing agencies and program managers, Mayaxis is changing how we design and communicate our vision. 



At C(  )RE EXPERIENCE, we strive to create unique, distinct & memorable experiences for our customers. Experiences are carefully and precisely defined using a cross-discipline perspective that considers multiple points of view. Our unique process allows for us to develop new products, processes, services, and environments with a central focus on the customer’s experience and moments of engagement.