Machani Group’s foundations were laid in 1940 by the visionary Padmashri Machani Somappa, a first generation business and social entrepreneur. A pioneer, an insightful and successful industrialist and a great philanthropist, he strongly believed that his successes in business should help local Indian communities. Reflecting his concern for society, Somappa spent his life as a major contributor to national and regional causes including being the founder of numerous cooperative societies and banks. These have grown substantially over the years and have provided continuous employment to many.

Machani Somappa’s list of achievements included becoming a national leader for handloom weavers. He was also closely associated with Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and T.A. Pai. Somappa’s work helped pave the way for large-scale social change. In recognition of this, in 1954, the Indian government awarded him the prestigious honour of the Padmashri. He was one of the first recipients of this coveted award. His vision and business acumen apart, what made Machani Somappa unique was his humanity and compassion.


His dedication to public service combined with a passion for corporate success has been passed down through generations. A commitment and approach to life that is felt just as keenly by the present generation of the Machani family. Proud to continue Somappa’s legacy in the worlds of business, community and philanthropy, the Machani family has built the MG Group into a $200m conglomerate with diverse interests in manufacturing, engineering, transport, agriculture, auto dealerships, IT, energy, rural BPO, retail brands and real estate.